Our objective as the first major farmer in South Africa of Yellowtail Kingfish and Kob is to deliver a year round supply of sustainably produced high quality product.

We will deliver to both the South African and export markets from mid-2021, reaching full production in 2022.

Total annual production is 300 tons with a year-round supply. We are able to utilise the site’s 8 years of pilot scale production to refine the production methodologies to achieve regular spawning and good fish growth and welfare.

Kingfish Enterprises is located in the East London IDZ which supports mariculture companies with sea water supply and other key infrastructure. East London is an ideal location geographically as it falls within the natural range of both Yellowtail and Kob.

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Our recirculating aquaculture system (“RAS”) allows control of the water quality, water temperature and overall environment to ensure optimal growth of fish and production of fish in a sustainable manner.

In addition, we have put together a highly experienced team of people that are dedicated to caring for our fish and producing products of the highest quality for our valued customers.

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Our fish are sustainably produced with no use of pesticides, antibiotics or hormones. The product also has a higher fat content making it tastier and more succulent.

The capacity of the farm is 300 tons of fish which can be divided proportionally to market demand for Yellowtail Kingfish or Kob.

Kingfish has its own brood-stock that spawn on demand to produce larvae. These are then grown with live microscopic feeds into small fish, that are weaned onto dry food. After a period in the pre-nursery the fish are moved to the grow-out platform to grow to market size.

Yellowtail Kingfish

Yellowtail are mainly sold at approximately 2.5kg after 12months of growth. The flesh is excellent for cooking and sashimi (Hamachi).

Kob (Mulloway)

Kob are sold at 600g (plate size in 10 months) or 2.5kg in 18 months.

Oyster Spat

Kingfish has the capacity to produce over 20 million oyster spats per year. These are delivered to oyster farmers from 3-10mm in size.

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