Kingfish Enterprises is a land based, marine recirculating aquaculture system ("RAS") based in the East London IDZ in South Africa.

Kingfish Enterprises farms Yellowtail Kingfish and Kob (Mulloway) in RAS systems from its own larvae produced from brood-stock fish that are maintained on site. These larvae are grown through to market size, which is over 1kg. Our farm has a capacity of 300 tons per annum.

Our farm uses sustainable farming practices producing fish without the use of hormones, antibiotics, pesticides or any other chemicals, as it uses living biological filters.

Kingfish products are listed as a green choice on the SASSI list because they are farmed in a RAS system using environmentally sustainable feed.

The farm uses world leading filter system design and the best quality feed resulting in excellent water quality and premium quality fish.

Our fish is also of a superior taste having a higher fat content making the product more succulent.

Kingfish products are on the sustainable green list with no antibiotics, hormones or pesticides used in the RAS system of production.

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